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How to support the author

Becoming an established author is a long, hard slog. The vast majority of hopeful authors fall at the first hurdle: getting published. Even for most of those that manage to get this far, their book disappears into obscurity because it does not get adequate distribution in stores, and no one sees or hears about it.

This is where you come in! If you've found your way here, you've either enjoyed my first published fantasy novel, you are a fan of some of the content I have made for computer games, or you just have a good (or curious) heart! If you would like to help me to become more established, why not explore some of the options below:

Probably the best way to support is to forego a coffee or two and buy some books!

Support me through the donation service Patreon. This will help me publish more books as well as get you special content.

Writing a review is a great way to spread the word. Here are some popular sites.

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