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How memorable was your last cup of coffee?

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

It's an odd thing, but we think nothing of throwing down a few coins for a non-descript cup of coffee. We might even be doing it every day. What we’re usually paying for is a bit of escape, a bit of peace from the day. Or maybe convincing ourselves it is the bit of luxury we deserve. But honestly, can you remember savouring that cup of tea or coffee, or was it just part of your routine?

Well, you can get a good book for the same price; something a lot more memorable, relaxing, enjoyable and yet we agonise far more over that sort of purchase. What if we don’t like it? If it was a coffee, we’d just leave it. No need to feel guilty, you can do the same with an ebook.

So maybe we should give some of those authors a chance! Here's one.

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