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Mapping the World

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

A large part of #Valeron is mapped out, from the now-frozen north, right to the mighty kingdoms of the south. Though Valeron is not Earth, it is similarly tectonically active, with vast mountain ranges and oceanic ridges. Valeron has also changed significantly through recorded history, with parts of the land rising, and other areas being flooded during the Cataclysm.

The novels and games are situated in distinct areas of Valeron. #Firstborn takes place on the isles of Skarrak (often thought of as two though they are actually connected) in the Archipelago Sea, a remote scattering of islands at the western end of the sea, between the hornets nest that is the pirate port of Tortia, and the city states that once made up the Brinese Federation.

Skarrak (click to enlarge) is not on any of the main trading routes. The isles of the Archipelago Sea have very little to offer except the danger of piracy, but trade from the ports of Brin does take place. As such, none of the islands are well developed, and Skarrak is no exception; it is mostly still forested, with only two settlements of note. Lublow, once called Lubber’s Lowport is the main village on North Skarrak, sitting below the old castle of the Karrek, the seat of the local jarl. Across the bay is Crowsmir, an even smaller settlement that provides some additional agriculture.

The maps of Valeron have been designed and built using a suite called Campaign Cartographer 3. You can also find the pre-cataclysm map of the northern shores here on the site which features in the #Bloodknight trilogy.

Check out the books.

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